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Our Commitment

Our commitment is to you. We value our customers.

When you hire Workforce Ready Solutions, LLC., you will have access to the best in professional resume strategies, latest trends, and unmatched career and college coaching solutions. We provide you with essential tools to capture the attention of hiring managers with our resume writing. We are certain that our job search services will help you to accelerate your career. 


Why Workforce Ready Solutions?

 At Workforce Ready Solutions, we understand how competitive the job market is. We understand that every professional has a unique career story, and we want to help you to deliver your personal brand to employers effectively.  We possess a sharp eye for detail and produce high-quality resumes in short periods of time. We can guide you with your career campaign to achieve your desired results, and to stand out in your job search in this highly-competitive landscape.  


About the Founder

Charise Wilson is a Certified Professional  Résumé  Writer and Career Coach known for creating clear, concise, and workforce-ready resumes. She is passionate about unlocking and opening doors of opportunity that will lead to your career success. Her mastery in providing resume solutions and her targeted approach is world-class.  Charise holds a Master of Science in Human Resource Management. She has nearly two decades of experience in higher education, with extensive career and workforce development management knowledge. 



Assata M.

Health Care / Administrative Assistant

"I was at the same job for 15 years and didn't know where to begin updating my resume. It was outdated and had a lot of unnecessary information on it. Charise not only guided me in updating my resume, she helped me to understand what a resume should consist of, and the best way to organize the information. Charise took the time to explain things and was very patient with me. After my resume was completed I had so many questions about the whole interview process, because it was something I hadn't done in a very long time. Charise was also extremely helpful with this. She even practiced going over questions with me. She truly made my experience wonderful. I know there are many factors in the reason I got my new job, but my resume is the first thing they saw even before they met me, and I can't thank Charise enough." 


Jennifer R.

Communications  /  Project Management

 “I have been working with Charise since 2017, and during this time she has made an incredible impact. She serves as my professional mentor and coach. I am able to speak to her about my goals and experiences and she provides me with advice and encouragement. Charise is truly invested in facilitating the growth of others. She takes the time to get to know the people she works with, so that she can successfully support them. She has helped me identify my strengths and build my confidence so much so that I took a chance, that I otherwise would not have, and received a promotion! She has also helped me build my skills in advocating for myself and being assertive in the workplace. Charise’s support has helped me gain visibility within my organization, and I am confident that her thorough and accurate advice will allow me to continue my professional growth.”  


Devon P.

 Video Editor 

 "Charise Wilson from Workforce Ready Solutions recently helped me get a paid internship in video editing, which is exactly the type of field I've been trying to get into for a while now. It's a very hard industry to get into, but WFRS gave me the opportunity needed to get started in that field."  

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