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Bonnie B.

Realtor at Keller Williams Elite Partners | Your Florida Home Finder

"I have known Charise Wilson since about 2003. Charise was the Career Services Director at the school I attended. She was instrumental in helping me through career guidance while I was in school. After graduation, I was invited to apply for a Career Services Rep position, and was thrilled to be the chosen candidate! During my years of working with Charise, her professional demeanor was an inspiration to me. Charise was a fantastic mentor, as she encouraged me to climb the ladder of success within her department. Starting with the Career Services Rep position, then to Externship Coordinator, and eventually becoming Director of Career Services in another branch location. It was a bitter sweet day when my advancement came, because I would no longer be working with Charise. Excitement loomed as she proudly and supportively waved me on to become a success in the other branch location. Charise and I have always kept in touch, and we still are there for each other on a professional and personal level. Although the years have taken us both in different directions, I have a great deal of respect for Charise, and all she has accomplished while affecting positive change to so many lives, including mine! I can't say enough good things about Charise, she is still the best "boss" I have ever worked for, and she has impacted my life and career in so many positive ways!"